Universl Mining & Chemical Idustries Ltd


This huge investment is being undertaken by a prolific, enterprising and progressive ZAMBIAN enterprise, who have a far fetched dream and ambition to further and enhance and sustain economic development, not only in ZAMBIA but in the region.

UNIVERSAL MINING & CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD is part of the TRADE KINGS GROUP OF COMPANIES whose growth initiatives remain primarily focussed on FIVE growth drivers in pursuit of the Group’s vision of becoming a highly respected and prolific enterprise whose vision is to progress through dynamism, innovation and a commitment to growth in their respective businesses. These growth drives entail:

> Expanding and growing the Group’s portfolio of commercial activity
> Leveraging rich-hedged and unique technologies
> Sustaining growth in established businesses
> Exploiting a complementary upstream thrust into modern technologies and production ; and
> Promoting improvement and optimisation in all areas of our business disciplines.

The pursuit of exemplary corporate citizenship remains our priority. Central to this pursuit is an increasing insistence that the TRADE KINGS GROUP upholds high standards when managing human capital, corporate governance, safety and health aspects, environmental impacts and social investment.

The project indeed, and invariably, requires the support of the Government and various other interested stake holders, for the over riding benefits it will generate which will far outweigh the disadvantages.

A cornerstone of the company’s philosophy is to respect the varied strengths and capabilities of all our employees. That is why we remain committed to developing the potential of everyone at the fullest.

The complementary focus on further developing the company’s human resources and competitive technologies will also increase the benefits expected to flow from cost reductions and volume growth. The company’s performance and confidence in the future is founded on the success of its newly entrenched performance ethics and its inexorable commitment to further progress, improve and ultimately grow, thus ensuring a company whose fundamentals remain strong. We remain confident that the combination of sound business fundamentals, exciting new endeavours and an intense commitment to profitable growth will inevitably drive the Group’s success well into the Millennium and beyond.
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